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The Inertia

The common surfer rides one board out of necessity. He or she makes it work in about as many different conditions as possible and sure, they may love the thing, but the reality is most of us would be better served with a variety of shapes and sizes at our disposal on a given day. But then again, the common surfer is tethered to a narrow selection of waves close to home without much variety and of course, we don’t get a regular shipment of new boards to swap in and out like the outfit of the day.

Professional surfers don’t live this life. They see new waves in new places all the time. And they get to try new boards with tiny little tweaks here and there or completely different outlines altogether. This is Nate Tyler around home in Central California, getting as creative as he wants with his own little dream quiver.

It’s enough to make you feel bored with that everyday board you have sitting at home right now.




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