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The Inertia

The North Shore of Oahu is a fascinating place during the holiday season. Name the surfer and you’re liable to run into him or her in the water, at Foodland or just walking down the beach – but most likely in the water. And no, everybody doesn’t just congregate at Pipe for a two month stretch while the rest of the coast goes ignored. Quite frankly, the rest of the North Shore is as world class as it gets with a different wave every couple hundred yards down the beach. Paddle out at Rocky Rights, catch a long one, and before you know it you’re within spitting distance of Gas Chambers. Take another right at Gas Chambers and make a couple more sections than you might expect and during your paddle back out to the lineup you’ll look over your shoulder and see guys getting spat out of freight trains at Pipe. It seems like every world class wave on the North Shore is within a stone’s throw of another, to the point where you’d be hard pressed to surf them all in one trip. There are just that many amazing waves packed into one small plot of coast smack dab in the center of the Pacific.

So it’s no wonder you’ll see every pro your mind could imagine once November rolls around. From John John and Jamie O’Brien to Rasta and Craig Anderson, here are ten minutes to remind you why it’s called a Seven Mile Miracle.


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