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The World Surf League’s “Sound Waves” series has become quite the prolific content project. Most of the episodes, with the likes of Kelly Slater, Jack Robinson, Kai Lenny, and other tour staples, follows the path of an athlete during a competitive journey encompassing a single contest. But this Italo Ferreira version looks as though it steps outside the box a bit. Yes, it has all the competitive, mic’d up drama (which can become somewhat formulaic), but it also brings in Italo’s background and looks at his extremely humble roots. You can see the emotion of that upbringing come pouring out of the Baía Formosa-native after he sealed his world title at Pipe late last year (above). It was uncontrollable. And this version of Sound Waves could quite possibly be the WSL’s best one yet – and they’ve put out some good ones.

The WSL’s Sound Waves, Mic’d up with Italo Ferreira premieres Thursday, April 16. Find a list of the WSL’s “Sound Waves,” here. 


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