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You probably know Shane Dorian for his big wave exploits. Well, you probably know him for a whole lot more than that, but his big wave exploits are so next-level that they generally eclipse everything else.

For over a decade, though, he competed on tour in regular waves, and, as you know, was one of the best in the world there. Then, around 2003, he quit to focus almost solely on waves that most people want no part of. Dorian’s talent in that realm slingshotted him to heights–literally–previously unknown.

Filmmaker Ryan Moss, though, managed to capture Dorian’s surfing on waves of a more regular nature. Of course, there are a few monsters thrown in–it wouldn’t be a good Dorian edit if there weren’t–but Dorian’s talent in waves of every size is still staggering.

See more from Ryan Moss on Vimeo.


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