The Inertia

It was magic to spend a weekend watching and shooting this beautiful slab at La Santa on Lanzarote Island. This was the first solid swell that hit the Canaries after December’s historic storm that turned on La Santa’s outer reef.

On the first day, waves were bigger and clean enough to catch some heavy ones during a sunset session. To get some perspective on the size just check out the surfer on the left side of the first picture. Only a handful of surfers attempted to surf it, including Natxo Gonzalez, who found the best barrels that day. He put on a show and the crowd onshore was screaming on every ridden wave.

The next morning I was hoping to see the same spectacle again, ready with my camera on the first light. Unfortunately, conditions weren’t great and the wave turned wild, heavy, and the lineup was empty. Still, I found this monster to be one of the most beautiful waves I’ve ever seen in Europe. I stayed on the beach that day, watching wave after wave until darkness.


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