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The Inertia

The place where you grew up leaves an indelible mark on who you become. You can leave, sure, but those formative years stick with you no matter where you end up. Lahinch is a good place to grow up, especially for a surfer. It may not have the warmest water or the most consistent waves, but that’s not all surfing is about.

Surfing is about the people you surf with and the connections you make with them. It’s about sharing the skunkings just as much as it’s about sharing those rare days when the waves are pumping and it’s just a handful of friends in the water. The waves are the vessel, but the trip is the people.

Le Chéile, the name of the short film you see above, is the Irish word for together. It features Ollie O’Flaherty and his friends that live in Lahinch, and is scored by the O’Connell brothers, good friends of O’Flaherty. And since it’s Irish, it was recorded live in a pub.




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