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The Inertia

It seems like once you’ve seen one edit you’ve seen them all. But you haven’t seen many like this, that’s for sure.

Progression is so often the name of the game in surfing, mostly with a focus on how we ride the waves. But creativity out of the water can have just as big of an impact. How we watch and appreciate the amazing things athletes are doing is one of the biggest factors in getting the masses stoked to go out and raise the bar one notch higher. So rather than roll video on another day at Jaws during this month’s 2015 Pe’ahi Challenge, filmmaker Aaron Lynton decided to give us a different perspective of it all. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this edit alone there are more than 1,500 of them. That’s 1,500 moments of carnage, glory, goosebumps, air drops, close calls and really, really large barrels – all in 3 minutes.

It’s unique, it’s inspired, and it’s amazing. Most things considered “different” usually are.


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