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On September 9, one of the biggest swells of this very strange year slammed into Bali. It lit Uluwatu on fire, and the Bombie went freak-sized.

“There are always going to be clean up sets, particularly during consistent swell like this one,” wrote Surfers of Bali. “Guys were routinely caught inside – even after making his wave, the surfer at 2:07 kicks out only to be greeted by a couple of wider ones on the head.”

The Bombie is a long way from the safety of Uluwatu’s channel, so taking a few sets on the head when it’s on is not something to take lightly. “When faced with a giant wall of white water, the only place to go is down,” SOB continued. “I’m guessing more than a few sets of lungs were pushed to their limits during this session.”

While watching people surf the wave at this size is incredible, that empty one at the start of the video above is what’s really breathtaking.

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