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The Inertia

All too often these days, the actual point of surfing seems to be bypassed on the internet. At its core, surfing is supposed to be nothing more than fun. Although it’s taken very, very seriously by a few scowling salties, surfing was born because it is fun. It’s selfishly fun. For the average surfer, there is no point to it other than having a good time. A lot of videos floating around the internet glaze over the best parts: the smiles, the laughter, the pure joy that comes from bobbing around in the waves on a piece of glassed foam.

Days in the Sun, featuring Lola Mignot, Laure Mayer, and Millie Nabishima, doesn’t glaze over it. Instead, it focuses on it. And in just under two minutes, it’ll have you grinning at your screen—then hopefully, calling a few friends to go surfing.

Days in the Sun from Jemma Scott on Vimeo.


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