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The Inertia

This time last year, Iain Campbell uprooted his life and was on his way to settling into a new home. He’d just come within arm’s length of fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming a world champion. But an arm’s length isn’t a world title. And so he was starting fresh.

2017 ended up being a big year for Campbell after all. In July he found himself battling colitis, a chronic, inflammatory bowel disease. By Thanksgiving, he’d come full circle and won the world title that escaped him in 2016. Of course, there were a lot more plot points in this story between the time Iain Campbell found a new home and the time he hoisted his trophy.

And that’s the story Campbell set out to tell in Chasing the Southern Sun, a full length movie exploring the journey toward his first world title. It’s a story about adventure, perseverance, and triumph through adversity.


Note: Follow more of Iain’s adventure’s here.


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