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The day after humans invented sport, humans invented shit talking. At least I assume as much. It goes with the territory of friendly competition, and surfing is no different – not to mention, if you’re traveling around the world with the same 32 guys for 9-or-so months in the year, tension is bound to bubble.

The most recent edition of the WSL’s #tournotes isn’t extremely notable. But right around the 1:50 mark, something funny happens. Mick tells Kelly he should’ve “put the pie in the oven on that last one.” And Kelly looks at Mick like this:

“I just needed an eight to get through my heat,” says Kelly, “I didn’t need a 10.” Not one to lose an argument, Kelly breaks the fourth wall of the camera, gives a smirk, and says, “I’m still in it and he’s not.”


Being Kelly’s last year on tour (maybe) and Mick’s first back full time after a pretty successful personal year, this likely won’t be the last passive aggressive flare up. Stay tuned.

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