The Inertia

As we all know, the WSL decided not to run the Maverick’s Challenge on Monday thanks to waves being too big (or possibly the fact that most of their staff was already working the Pipeline Masters).

Running the event would have wrapped up this year’s Big Wave World Tour season and many of the Tour’s contestants traveled from all over the world to surf in Northern California, nonetheless. The Half Moon Bay Harbor was slammed in the morning with photographers and potential stowaways looking for any way to get out to the channel, all for a glimpse of Maverick’s working at full force.

Luca Padua and Bianca Valenti dominated the wave count with a few European visitors snagging the other big set waves. With Monday being an XXL no-go for many, the following day offered up way more workable sets that still carried the signature steep, no-mercy faces and massive explosions that are synonymous with Mavs. I can say I’m looking forward to seeing when the WSL does decide to run the BWT event here.


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