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THUNDERCLOUD – The Cloudbreak Documentary is scheduled for an extensive US tour starting September 2014. This controversial movie is a must see for all surf fans and will be gracing cinema screens across both the West and East Coasts…. Can we get a “Heck Yeah!” from the crew over East?

You may remember that one epic day back in 2012 during the Volcom Fiji Pro, when the world’s best big wave surfers (Healey, The Long Brothers, Twiggy, Kohl Christensen, Ramon Navarro, Makua, Kala, Fuller, Wassel, McIntosh, and more… but alas, no Dorian!) converged on the same location as the ASP WCT event, and the worldwide controversy that followed. Should the ‘CT have surfed more heats? Who pulled the pin and pussed out? Why? It was pumping! You may have sat back in front of your PC and watched in disbelief at what transpired on that day and in the days that followed, read the reports online and in the magazines and formed your own opinion. Remember all that?

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Why is it that the full story in motion picture hasn’t been told from that day? You can relive it on…  (zzzzzzz!). Well, grumble no more surf fans. THUNDERCLOUD – The Cloudbreak Documentary is everything you need to know about that day and much, much more, and it’s sll shot in spectacular Red Digital Cinema technicolour and coming to a screen close to where you live… (if you live near the coastal regions of either USA coast. Sorry mid westerners.)

With all the disposable content that people see online these days, it’s nice to get together with friends and make a night of such an event. Sitting back in a comfortable chair to watch an intelligently produced story that is guaranteed to entertain and inform you about the history of one of the world’s most spectacular waves and “one of the most amazing days in surfing history” according to Mr. Joel Parkinson, all on a big screen with big sound – it’s an appealing combo, and an experience worth turning out for.

*Spoiler alert* – There is more to Thundercloud that just the story of June 8th 2012. Just sayin’.

Dates for the tour are below:

West Coast

18th Sept, Thurs – La Paloma, Encinitas, CA screening 7pm
20th Sept, Sat – Bird’s Surf Shed screening, San Diego, CA 7pm
21th Sept, Sun – Krikorian Premiere 6 Theatre, San Clemente, CA
23th Sept, Tues – Music Hall 3 Laemmle, West LA, CA screening 7pm
24th Sept, Wed – Charter Center Cinema, Huntington Beach, CA 7pm
25th Sept, Thurs – Arlington Theatre screening, Santa Barbara, CA 7pm
26th Sept, Fri – Balboa Theatre, San Francisco, CA 7pm

East Coast

1st Oct, Wed – Tree House Cinema, Pensacola, FL screening
2nd Oct, Thurs – Sun Ray Cinema screening, Jacksonville FL 7pm
3rd Oct, Fri – The Terrace Theatre screening, Charleston SC 7pm
4th Oct, Sat – Penn Cinema, Wilmington, NC 7pm
5th Oct, Sun – RC Theatre screening, Kill Devil Hills, NC 7pm
7th Oct, Tues – Beach Movie Bistro screening, Virginia Beach, VA 7pm
8th Oct, Wed – Tilton 9, Atlantic City, NJ 7pm
10th Oct, Thurs – Tribeca Cinema, NYC 7pm

Dates for Boston, New Hampshire, Maine and Nova Scotia are TBD. And we haven’t forgotten about Santa Cruz either. Hold onto your panties!

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Mark Healey scratches over the set of the day on June 8th 2012, while Kohl Christensen concedes defeat on trying to paddle into the monster that is.... #RedEpic framegrab,

Mark Healey scratches over the set of the day on June 8th 2012, while Kohl Christensen concedes defeat on trying to paddle into the monster that is…. #RedEpic framegrab, Talon Clemow.


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