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Tim Bonython knows how to capture incredible footage. And he knows where to find frightening reef slabs in Australia. Here, he takes us on a mission from Sydney as the Australian fall continues to deliver good swell and relatively clean conditions.

“I’ve seen a lot of very dangerous surfing locations but this spot, Luna’s, takes the award for the scariest,” he says. “Like all crazy slabbing waves in Australia, they break on very shallow reefs. The Southern Ocean below Victoria, Australia, is all part of the Shipwreck Coast, home to this lethal left-hand reef break that not even the locals want to know about. If you wipeout here, you will end up on the exposed reef on the inside.”

Tim says he filmed at least four surfers getting caught inside, which looks like an absolute nightmare. Yes, this is one powerful place. But Tim puts it more succinctly: “This place is absolutely mental!!”


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