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The Inertia

Tim Bonython knows all about taking a chance and chasing swell. It’s a tricky mix of the right size in the forecast, and especially, the right conditions. You can’t have a successful big-wave adventure without both. That’s why chasing big waves is always a huge gamble. Monetarily, and on the safety side of things. But it looks like Tim might have just documented a new spot in Ireland – where there’s obviously much more than just the famed Mullaghmore.

“One of the more exciting swell chases is when you gamble on going to a spot that has never been documented and you score,” he wrote. “The lads in Ireland know that on the right day, when the swell is going to be BIG and with no wind, this place has all the chances to be very special. And that is exactly what happened. (We scored) the Cortes Bank of Ireland on this historic day. Yes, we all got more than we expected.”


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