Jacob Turner features prominently in Tim Bonython's latest video. Photo: Tim Bonython // Youtube

Jacob Turner features prominently in Tim Bonython’s latest video. Photo: Tim Bonython // Youtube

The Inertia

Tim Bonython had a Teahupo’o trip for the history books. Previously, we saw part one and part two of a series that documented what he called ‘postcard perfect’ conditions at the famed break. Bonython just released part three and it not only lives up to the promise of its predecessors, but highlights a new talent in the world of surfing.

“It’s another sunny day. I think the waves are actually pretty big today, maybe a bit bigger than yesterday,” said Bonython before being taken out to the lineup. Upon arrival, the waves were, in fact, big. Teahupo’o delivered yet another round of breathtaking footage, much of which featured one surfer in particular: Jacob Turner.

The 16-year-old hails from the north shore of Kaua’i. Shockingly, this was only his second visit to Tahiti, with the first visit being just a few weeks prior. “It was mental [on the first trip] and I saw the forecast and was like ‘I gotta come back,’ so I came back,” he told Bonython in an interview after a session. “It’s so good, such a special place.” Turner went on to describe a previous session from that same trip, where Kelly Slater approached him on a jet ski to compliment his surfing.

If a teenager getting the seal of approval from an 11-time world champion and one of the world’s preeminent surf videographers isn’t enough to  get your attention, I don’t know what else you need. Check out the video below.


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