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While the rest of the surfing world was intently focused on two waves this fall – Teahupo’o and Lower Trestles – John John Florence was out finding new ones in the South Pacific on a three-month, 3,500-mile sailing trip that ended last week. With a lingering knee injury that cropped up towards the end of the 2022 WSL season, JJF decided to give up his hopes of a 2022 title and spend time connecting with what matters to him – the ocean, friends, and family. Oh, and surfing, of course. His trip took him all over the South Pacific, but he ended up spending the most time in Fiji. “It’s been a dream,” he said in his last “captain’s vlog.”

John John Florence with the YETI Yonder

Straight from the source. Photo: YETI

One of John John’s objectives while on the boat was testing YETI’s new Yonder water bottle. The Yonder is a completely new design from YETI. Their lightest bottle yet, it’s virtually indestructible to make sure your hydration can go wherever you do. The bottle is available in 750 milliliter and one-liter sizes, and makes use of the YETI Yonder Cap, a take on their uber-popular Chug Cap that is completely leak-proof and either gives sips through the spout or can be removed for refills and washing. Needless to say, the Yonder passed John John’s three-month test on the voyage with flying colors.

Learn more about the Yonder on YETI.com.

The YETI Yonder

The Yonder was designed to be both lightweight and virtually indestructible. Photo: YETI


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