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Tom Curren and Brad Domke are two dudes with tremendous amounts of style. Curren has so much of it that generations of surfers have tried to emulate him for years. Meanwhile Brad Domke marches to the beat of his own crazy drum at such a pace that nobody else really considers doing what he’s known most for: getting barreled on skim boards.

But of course if there were one dude who could pull off the whole no fins act with grace and style it would have to be Tom Curren himself. This isn’t the first we’ve seen of Tom Curren on a skimboard (and we’re getting the impression it’s kind of becoming his new thing) but it might be where it all started for TC – with Brad Domke in Mexico. According to filmmaker Ian Boyd the duo showed up on the beach near Punta Conejo with a skimboard and a boogie board. It was Boyd’s impression that Domke was showing Curren the ropes on the finless crafts and, as could be expected, the three time world champ operates on a learning curve that would put the rest of us to shame. The two didn’t exactly go tow in a Puerto on skimboards that day (that’s still Domke’s territory…for now) but at this rate maybe it’s just a matter of time before Tom Curren charges just as hard without fins as he does with them.

Skim Surfing with Brad and Tom from Ian Boyd on Vimeo.


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