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The Inertia

Tony Hawk is nearly 50 years old. He’s been skateboarding for most of those years. He’s probably broken nearly every bone in his body at least once. He’s a dad, a businessman, and a professional athlete. And he’s not slowing down anytime soon.

Tony Hawk, if you were in the unaware camp, also surfs. He used to skimboard, as well. So when Brad Domke, the king of the finless revolution, got the opportunity to share a session with him, Domke was overjoyed. “One of the most memorable days of my life was this day cruising with Tony Hawk and skimboarding with him,” he wrote on his Youtube channel. “I was so stoked to give him my skimboard after the session too, he was shredding it! He’s skimmed in the past and surfs too so it was no surprise how good he was doing. Stoked to shred with you Tony!”