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The Inertia

When it comes to style in surfing, there aren’t too many who have more of it than Torren Martyn. He doesn’t generally ride a standard thruster, but mid-lengths and twinnies suit his surfing down to the ground. That style is on full display in Need Essentials latest offering, which is a section from its feature film, Lost Track. In it, Torren Martyn and filmmaker/friend Ishka Folkwell took a pair of customized Royal Enfields on a three-month motorbike/surf trip throughout New Zealand.

It was the easiest of trips — no good trips truly are — and Martyn and Folkwell dealt with some serious weather, a few near-death experiences, and of course, a few really, really good sessions. Take, for example, the one you see above. The only thing better than Martyn’s timeless surfing are the waves.


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