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The Inertia

Surf travel isn’t always about waves. Waves, of course, are the backbone of a surf trip, but the meat of a trip comes from the experiences one has in search of them. With wetsuit technology getting better every day, it’s now possible for that meat to come in a lot of different flavors. Cold water is not the obstacle that it used to be. That’s why Torren Martyn, Laurie Towner, and Need Essentials founder and designer Ryan Scanlon decided to dip their toes in the icy waters of the North Atlantic.

Torren and Laurie, as you may well know, are two of surfing’s most interesting characters. Laurie Towner is widely regarded as one of the best big wave surfers in the world. When it comes to serious waves of consequence, Towner surfs them with a sort of preternatural ease that can only come from putting oneself in very dangerous waves very often. Torren Martyn’s surfboard of choice is a twin-fin. He surfs pumping Nias on a twinnie. He gets more barrelled than anyone at Desert Point on a twinnie.

In Norduland, Martyn, Towner, and Scanlon headed to some of the most isolated coastlines they could find. Filmmaker Ishka Folkwell captured the trip perfectly while Headland composed an original soundtrack for it, and in an age where 15-second Instagram clips dominate the landscape, a half-hour, stunning surf film is a breath of fresh air.




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