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There is no one who surfs quite like Torren Martyn. The twin fin connoisseur surfs throaty barrels like it’s a walk in the park. Watching him surf is like watching butter melt in a pan, sliding effortlessly through turns like a melting ice cube.

The trip you see above wasn’t planned far in advance, but it sure did pan out. “The little mission down south to warm water came around as a bit of a surprise to me too,” Martyn said. “I’d originally planned to just spend a week or two with my girlfriend Aiyana in California and pictured surfing knee to waist high Malibu at best.”

As so often happens with the best trips, however, things quickly changed. Martyn called up a friend to see what he had scheduled. “A good mate Perry Gershkow was able to juggle a few commitments around up in his neck of the woods of SF and before we really had too much time to think we kind of just woke up the next day deep in central America,” he explained. “It was a classic little scenario.”

Unlike many surfers who ride waves at a very high level, Martyn doesn’t often break his boards. On this trip, he only had two in tow, a 7’2 and a 6’10. Within the first few days, though, he managed to break both. Fate was favorable to him. “Luckily the local guys there have probably stitched together more boards than anyone anywhere else in the world so it was a pretty efficient little turnaround,” he remembered. “I was so grateful for that. Thankfully my mate Luke lent me his little 5’7 and a 4’11 for a little wiggle in between.”

And as for the waves? As you can see, the trip was a success. “The waves we had down there were absolutely incredible,” he said. “Sort of mind-boggling at times. It’s humbling the energy in the ocean and the way the sand and currents dictated where and what waves we surfed. They were there one day and gone the next. I think that was the beauty of it too, we didn’t really have any expectations or too much of a plan, things just fell into place and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Torren Martyn – TESORO ENTERRADO – Full Film from needESSENTIALS on Vimeo.


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