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The Inertia

Why do we get so sentimental about surfing when we see peeling waves settled into frigid, dreary, overcast skies? Perhaps throw in a mountain range or two in the distance? Sprinkle some white-capped seas. Plop a human in 6 millimeters of neoprene somewhere in the foreground. The formula for composing images of coldwater waves is the quintessential Bob Ross painting of the surf world. And it never really gets old.

Torren Martyn and Ishka Folkwell fit into this scene like a glove. Their Lost Track Atlantic series was a perfect example of showcasing the imperfect surf trip that we all romanticize. Swap out bouncing island to island in a boat for sleeping bags packed into an undersized RV. Swap out bareback sessions and sunburnt shoulders and replace them with hoodies and gloves. The duo’s newest Distant Shore is in that same wheelhouse.

If you are a fan of just gawking at waves worth daydreaming about, all without the interruption of voiceovers, you’ll enjoy this.  It has the appropriate slow-mo clips and scenic landscapes. It has the empty lineups you wish you could find. It’s coldwater surfporn at its finest.


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