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The Inertia

Editor’s Note: This gallery comes from photographer Andre Silva, via the Wonders App. There, Andre had this to say about capturing Nazare in the midst of a monster swell: 

Nazaré – a tiny town and a seaside resort on the coast of Portugal. While some breaks are known for their consistency, scenery or how hollow the waves get, Nazaré has recently become famous in the world of surfing – for its SIZE. During winter months, the storms that originate in North Atlantic create massive swells that because of the mechanics of the sea bottom here (a 16,000ft deep canyon that suddenly becomes shallow right by the coast) create 60-100ft walls of cold water that only a few men in this world can ride. Men like Garrett McNamara, Andrew Cotton, Kohl Christensen, Hugo Vau, Aaron Gold, Sebastian Steudtner, Kealii Mamala and a few others… This is their story.

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