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The Inertia

There aren’t a whole lot of things better than packing a vehicle and taking off. Hitting the ol’ dusty trail, as they say. That’s just what Tay and Sheb frame did to celebrate the end of 2014: packed a Sprinter Van full of the bare necessities (and a few non-essentials for good measure) and hit the Portuguese coastline for a glorious two weeks. Here’s what they had to saw about it:

We decided to spend our Christmas adventuring Portugal. We rented a rad little motor home/Sprinter Van for 2 weeks and cruised the entire coast surfing, exploring and enjoying life as nomads. We met amazing people, some of which became good friends and took us in to celebrate New Years. We surfed some of the biggest and amazing surf we’ve ever experienced (not recorded because it was too damn good to not paddle out. Best Christmas gift ever). We fell in love with the Portugal coast and all the charming cities. It was an incredible adventure! We’re never going home for Christmas again.

Portugal from Tay & Sheb Frame on Vimeo.


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