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The Inertia

When surfers in Bali started noticing the forecast for Uluwatu a while back, the hype was real. Uluwatu was set to be just about perfect. Huge, but perfect. It looked as though it would be the biggest swell of the year so far. The hearts of locals were beating faster than usual.

“There was a whole lot of hype leading up to this swell, and even though it may not have exactly delivered what we were expecting, there were still some huge waves,” wrote Surfers of Bali. “And it was definitely the biggest swell of the year so far.”

It was big enough for the tow teams to gas up the skis, and certainly big enough to offer up some supremely long rides. One in particular was surfed by Tai “Buddha” Graham. While the Bombie was mostly surfed by the tow surfers, the Outside Corner consistently offered up the meatiest and best sections. With a solid crew of surfers in the lineup, the action was about as real as it gets.


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