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The Inertia

Getting barreled on your backhand is a notoriously difficult thing to master. Looking over your leading shoulder just feels… harder. Your field of view is just that little bit diminished. It helps to have an easy roll in with plenty of time to set a line, but all-too-often that’s just not a possibility. But on September 27 at the Racetrack section of Uluwatu, it was.

“The Racetrack section at Uluwatu was in fine form on the 27th, with a lot of waves slowly building before feeling the shallow part of the reef and throwing a thick, round tube,” wrote Surfers of Bali on YouTube. “This allowed for plenty of time to choose a line before pulling in, quite a luxury to have on your backhand since the field of view isn’t as complete compared to when pulling in frontside – a great chance for natural footers to clock up some tube time in the land of the lefts.”

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