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“If we were to break down a surf and actually measure how much time we’re up on a wave — what I like to call ride time — it would actually blow you away that it’s only around five to 10 percent of your surf,” says Matt Scorringe, head coach of New Zealan’s Olympic Surf Team. “So the rest of your time is spent hunting and looking to get yourself in the ideal peak positions to catch the best waves.”

That “rest of the time” is what Scorringe calls the in-between moments — time each surfer can use to get into better position for taking off on each wave and therefore, enjoying more favorable maneuverability on the actual wave face once they’re up and riding. In the above video, he breaks down seven tips and seven points within those in-between moments that can lead to better peak positioning. They are:

1.Understanding the importance of the “In Between Moment”
2. Use all 360 degrees to move and position yourself while hunting down a wave.
3. Identifying what the wave is doing.
4. Paddling into correct peak positioning.
5. Surveying the wave for as long as possible.
6. Spending as much time as you can positioning yourself before turning to catch the wave.
7. Using the turn and cork technique to catch a wave when needed.

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