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a88cbd muscle salve and tincture

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Surfing is, in so many ways, a ritual, especially winter surfing in Northern California. In a world of cold sets to the head, it’s the small things that makes getting in the water worth doing. A hot water bottle to thaw my hands when I get out, a tasty snack for the energy to drive home, and a long, hot shower when I get there. Recently, I’ve been integrating A88CBD’s tincture and muscle salve into my surfing routine and have been stoked on the health benefits it’s given me.

But first, a quick review on what CBD actually is. Derived from cannabis, CBD doesn’t get you high, but it’s been proven to have some pretty powerful effects on the body. In 2013, CBD was found to be a powerful treatment for a young girl’s epilepsy, and in June of 2018 the FDA officially approved CBD-based Epidiolex for use in treating severe forms of epilepsy. Since then, research into other potential health benefits of CBD has exploded, but the FDA approval process for any drug to be released to consumers can take years. So far though, a study conducted by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine has shown that certain types of CBD can help adults in dealing with chronic pain such as MS-related symptoms and the nausea and vomiting that comes from chemotherapy, so things are looking good for CBD.

While I can’t cite any official studies to prove the benefits of CBD in an active lifestyle, I can tell you about my personal experiences with it. I’ve been using the A88CBD muscle salve to jump start my recovery after surfing. A couple of hours paddling against the current, my arms usually feel like lead slinkies. But when the waves are pumping and the forecast calls for offshore winds the next day, sore shoulders or not I’ll be out, and I’d much rather do it without stiffness.


Muscle recovery after surfing is super important, especially if you have plans to go two or three days in a row, and A88CBD’s works for me. Packed with 500 mg of CBD derived from high-quality U.S. grown hemp, as well as essential oils and menthol for instant relief, sore shoulders are no match for this little tin of natural goodness. Once I’ve de-thawed in the shower, a quick massage with CBD muscle salve and my shoulders are ready for the morning session. Free of artificial fragrances as well as chemicals such as parabens and phthalates, sulfates, and aluminum, this vegan and cruelty-free product is one you can feel good about.

The next step in my post-surf recovery is sleep. I’m a deep sleeper but can sometimes have difficulty getting there, especially when I’m excited for the next morning’s surf. A dropper full of CBD Oil Tincture in a cup of tea goes a long way in speeding me to a deep and restful sleep. Unique to A88CBD’s tincture is the C10 water-soluble CBD formula. Being water soluble makes the CBD enter the bloodstream quicker, giving me a reliably fast-acting dose every time. I start to feel the CBD’s effects pretty much right after dosing and am usually asleep within the hour.

I wasn’t an early adopter of CBD products – often skeptical of introducing new wellness routines into my life – but I’m happy I discovered this solid brand.

Editor’s Note: This feature is supported by A88CBD



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