The Inertia

I grew up a few miles from the beach in New Jersey. My friends and I were like fish you’d have to drag out of the water regardless of surf conditions. In fact, my buddy’s mom once paid lifeguards to stay on the beach during a hurricane swell, which is pretty laughable now that I look back on it.

By the time college rolled around, priorities pulled me away from surfing and shooting. But eventually, I did buy myself a new camera and started shooting once again. I’d forgotten how incredible the ocean is — especially in a place like Jersey where all four seasons bring different conditions and different light. And now I live just two blocks away from the ocean, able to run down to the beach and shoot anytime whether there’s good surf or not.

My shooting style carries over from a variety of styles I picked up through working in television and commercials. Light is crucial in an image’s ability to tell a story, and I try my best to capture just that after each wave has traveled thousands of miles, carrying its own energy and emotions. Whether it be the fury of the ocean or crisp, clean glass, I’m thankful to be able to get in the water and shoot whatever she’s serving up.


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