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Vaer Watches are at home both in and out of the water. Photo: Vaer

The Inertia

Editor’s Note: This partner feature is presented by Vaer Watches

Buying a watch can be a tough decision, especially when you’re looking for a surf watch. There are multifunctional gizmos that can tell you the tide, swell direction, and remind you to get out of the water for your mom’s birthday, with each extra function driving the price higher and higher into the stratosphere. And then there are watches that simply tell you the time and look good while doing so. We live in an age of over-information, so it can be a breath of fresh air to return to the basics. Vaer Watches are exactly that – no-BS timepieces at an affordable price-point, made to transition seamlessly from water to land. Recently, I received the S5 Standard Issue Field Watch to test both in the water and on land. So far, it hasn’t left my wrist.

The Vaer S5 Standard Issue Field Watch comes with two easy-to-switch watch straps. Photo: Vaer

The watch arrived with two bands, one sleek black silicone and a sturdy khaki nylon. I’ve been wearing the latter. As someone who has worn $15-watches most of my life, it’s been quite the trip to be wearing a watch that looks and feels like a thousand-dollar timepiece (even though it isn’t), but that’s all a part of Vaer’s mission.

Vaer, founded in Venice, California in 2016, is dedicated to creating the perfect ocean-to-office wristwatch, built to withstand extreme surf conditions and be elegant and refined enough to look great out of the water, all at an affordable price-point. Clocking in (pun intended) at only $150, this watch comes packed with essential features such as scratch-resistant sapphire glass, C1 SuperLume for nighttime readability, Japanese Miyota Quartz movement, 100m of water-resistance and a guaranteed waterproof warranty to back it up – features you only wish you could get with a $500-plus watch.

This small watch brand has shown time and time again that they can compete with watch brands at two to five times the price point. Just Google “Vaer Watches” and you’ll be inundated with rave reviews and customer loyalty that’s hard to match. With the holidays just around the corner, this Vaer makes the perfect gift for the surfer or outdoors-person in your life, as well as anyone that appreciates a good timepiece.

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