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Mason Ho Valentine

Will you be our Valentine, Mason Ho? Photo: WSL

The Inertia

Valentine’s Day is a mixed bag. If you’re cuddly in love, then yuck it up, lovebirds! Snuggle into that dinner date tonight. Or…if you’re hosting an anti-Valentine’s Day voodoo festival, well, that’s your prerogative. Here at The ‘Nersh, we thought it’d be fun to dedicate some love haikus to some of our favorite surfers, snowboarders, climbers, and badass outdoor athletes. Feel free to submit your own haiku in the comments. Remember. It’s 5-7-5. Get it.

Photo: Screenshot/Outerknown

Oh, Kelly Slater
Perfect wave, fortune favors
eleven, nineteen, twenty?

Jeremy Jones. Photo: TGR

Climate change is real
Duh, we need snow, Jeremy!
Protect our winters!

Keala Kennelly at Teahupo’o, Tahiti. Photo: McKenna

Spiky daredevil
Trailblazer DJ KK
Blowing minds daily.


If you've ever had the dream of climbing in Yosemite with none other than Alex Honnold, now's your chance. Photo: Omaze

Alex Honnold never ceases to amaze. Photo: Omaze

How do you climb that?
Seriously, what the heck?
Alex, it’s a wall.

Want to surf Pipeline like Mason Ho? Well, just watch the video above, and you'll be able to. Just kidding!

Mason Ho. Shreddah for life! Photo: Youtube

His head is so big
His body is so tiny
Go Mason Ho, brah! Ho brah!

Stephanie Gilmore ESPY Awards

Stephanie Gilmore. The Queen. Image: WSL/Matt Dunbar

Stephanie Gilmore
Style akimbo, ankle bent
Don’t lie you’re crushing.


John John Florence. This is the guy. Photo: WSL/Kelly Cestari

John John Florence. This is the guy. Photo: WSL/Kelly Cestari

Busted knee, oh no!
Repair and dominate them
We miss you, John John.

Is this the next world champion? Photo: Rip Curl

Some said he was large
we used the term beer-inclined
Matt Wilko partied.

Elena Hight, snowboarder, Volcom, Olympics

Elena Hight has won five X Games medals including a gold in 2017. But her work as a POW ambassador is just as important. Photo: Volcom Snow

Elena, the champ
Mountain spirit, ocean heart
because radical.

Kassia Meador

Kassia Meador. Photo: The Inertia/Connor Guest

Kassia Meador
Golden sunshine positive
vibes on the daily.

Sal Masekela

Sal Masekela bringing good vibes. Photo: MANDA

Alekesam Sal
baritone communicates
shreds it up and smiles.

Lakey Peterson. Photo: WSL/Cestari

Lakey Peterson. Photo: WSL/Cestari

Lakey Peterson
is a beautiful new bride
now hearts are broken.


Wanna get in the haiku game? Share yours below. Five, seven, five, baby!


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