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The Inertia

Surfing is what originally brought me to buy a van. It’s easy, convenient, and paying rent sucks. Throughout my recent trip across the U.S, it became evident that I needed to make a surf film that incorporated the essence of van life. I met up with my friend Olivier, who is an incredible surf pal for his athletic skills, surf knowledge, and his constant positive vibes. I picked him up along with our friend Marc in Los Angeles and headed south to explore the secluded points of Mexico. This is our five-day road trip navigating the rugged terrain of Baja. We weren’t very lucky the first few days, but with a little patience and persistence we finally found an awesome spot with a great local crew. The drone shots came out great, thanks to our friend Guillaume who drives that thing like an absolute champ.

Surf & Search in Mexico from on Vimeo.


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