The Inertia

Sometimes you leave your home beach to drive an hour and a half expecting perfect waves, but the winds shift a little or the swell drops off leaving you with less than ideal conditions and a bad taste in your mouth. We’ve all had those moments, but it’s all worth it when you pull up to the beach on a winter day and see perfectly peeling barrels and only a few guys out. December 28th in New Jersey was one of those perfect days. After an hour and a half drive from a less than ideal spot we pulled up to well overhead sets and long, hollow barrels.

Being a filmmaker and a surfer I had a tough decision, but I eventually decided to paddle out with a camera and my board, get some good ones of my own and worry about the rest of the footage later. Ultimately, I came away with some great waves and footage partly thanks to friend Alex Desimone who stepped out of the water to help me get some shots of local Jersey rippers Tim Daley and Dave Werner. Between me in the water and Alex briefly on the beach we came away with some great footage and a day to remember.

Above is a teaser for the film I’ve been working on for the past couple months which includes a few shots from that day.


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