Remember that time Steph Gilmore went to Kelly's wave and got barrelled for longer than most people will be barrelled in their whole lives?

Ready to shell out $9500 to be able to do this? Photo: Kelly Slater Wave Co.

The Inertia

Today the World Surf League initiated an exclusive pre-sale for tickets to the inaugural Founders’ Cup, and you won’t believe what it’ll cost you to surf the thing once the dog and pony show is over. Try somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000.

The so-called “Surf Ranch Experience” is billed as the premium tier experience and it’ll cost you $9,500 plus a $288 booking fee. “Don’t just watch. Surf,” reads the description. “After an entire weekend of watching perfect waves, you’ll get your chance to join the very short list of people who have surfed Kelly’s creation. The Surf Ranch Experience provides a one-hour surf session in the pool on Monday, May 7. You’ll feel like the pro’s you just spent a weekend watching, with a personalized locker, coaching and professional photography and videography from both land and water. The experience includes full VIP treatment through the event complete with VIP seating, lounge access, free food and beverage, premium gift bag, parking pass, and Tachi Palace hotel room for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. In addition, you’ll get an exclusive invite to the pre-event party and dinner on Friday, and the invite-only concert afterparty on Saturday. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime.”

If you’re wondering what tickets cost for the rest of us, a one day ticket will cost you $99 ($80 for “groms”). And two days is $149 ($120 for groms). The VIP experience, however, will run you $499 for all you can eat food and beverage, VIP seating, and parking. Oh, and if you’re interested in hosting a group VIP cabanas are available.

Some quick arithmetic reveals that the World Surf League is banking on the fact that the going rate for an hour-long session at one of the most exclusive waves in the world alone is worth about $9,000 dollars (minus the cost of your hotel, of course). Assuming it’s an hour of surfing solo (which, honestly, is not entirely clear) if you caught all 12 waves, you’re spending $750 per wave.

Bruno Perazio who sent us the tip on Facebook said he couldn’t believe the price when he first saw it. “I just received an invitation to buy pre-sale tickets to go WSL Founders’ Cup at Lemoore a.k.a Kelly’s surf machine. I got kind of excited at first… But man, when I opened the site to see the ticket price… I mean, it’s fucking expensive.”

The WSL did not immediately respond to The Inertia’s request for comment.


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