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The Inertia

Padang Padang is a pretty unreal place. Just a stone’s throw from Uluwatu, the wave there can be absolutely perfect. Crowded, generally, but perfect. “If big Uluwatu is Bali’s surfing version of the Colosseum, then Padang Padang is more like the Octagon,” reads the description on the Surfers of Bali YouTube post. “It’s played out in limited space with short bursts of extreme intensity.”

At Ulu’s, clean-up sets are just part of the game. It’s not rare to see the entire lineup scratching desperately for the horizon as a wall of water far bigger than the rest charges in. But at Padang Padang, the dreaded clean-up set happens a little less often. So when a cleanup set rolls in, as it does in the opening scene of the video above, it will often take out a large chunk of the lineup. Entertainment at its finest!

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