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It isn’t the most original thought to have surmised that with wave pools like the one in Waco, Texas, progression in surf may have just leaped from dial-up to broadband. Wave pools like Barefoot Ski Ranch’s operation powered by American Wave Machines tech offer perfect air section after perfect air section. It’s the type of repetition that simply doesn’t happen in the ocean, period. Then, once you learn a new trick, or perfect it, you take it to the ocean.


That’s precisely what happened, it would seem, with one of the world’s most progressive aerial surfers, Albee Layer. After a strike mission to Waco, he took things back to the ocean and, well, you’re just gonna have to watch this. He’s calling this an alley-oop 540.

According to Albee, he’s landed one of these on film at least three times, but this is by far the best one he’s ever done.

“Wave pools work!” he says.



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