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The Inertia

We’re pretty sure no surfer or bodysurfer or any type of ocean wizard would ever want us to say they “owned” anything that had to do with the sea. For most, it’s a place to escape and maybe get rid of all that competitive angst we have pent up inside from living and thriving in a capitalist society. But watching Thomas Van Melum at big, bulging, ugly Wedge in Newport, “owning it” is what comes to mind. Because he absolutely makes the sometimes-frightening mutant wave his play thing. Check out the take offs, the barrel roles into closeouts, the impressive speed without fins (other than maybe the occasional handplane). That is some serious skill, which has probably been trained into Mr. TVM from a lifetime spent throwing himself into waves like this as a Newport local (the Wedge was traditionally a bodysurfing spot, as you may recall?). You can follow him here and check out another Wedge water angle, below:

Couldn’t help but include this as well from photographer John P McMurray:



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