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Tidal bores are a bitter-sweet phenomenon. To many they’re deadly anomalies that ravage and consume everything in its destructive path. To others, particularly surfers, tidal bores are gifts sent from the gods, as some have been known to produce rides over 25 miles long. And while most tidal bores around the world produce a wave that compares to your local spot on an average day, this one produces overhead, barreling waves that rival some of the best spots on the planet.

Meet the Baan, an Indian tidal river bore that surges up the Hooghly River (a tributary of the Ganges) on the daily high tide. It’s said to produce waves up to 10 feet high and it barrels like nobody’s business. JetSurf‘s very own Everaldo “Pato” Teixeira was among the first in the world to surf this natural phenomenon.

“JetSurf lets me hit sections of the wave which can’t be surfed on a regular board,” explains Pato. “Just squeeze the trigger and you’re where you need to be.”

Although we would’ve loved to see someone tearing the lid off the barreling wave, Pato’s part is still pretty awesome. Here’s Pato riding the world’s best tidal bore wave on an engine-powered surfboard.


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