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The Inertia

When John John Florence announced he was dropping a new edit in early September, the news was received well. It was a quiet announcement, fraught with mystery. “Coming soon” was all the Instagram post said. Those two words, however, threw fans into a bit of a frenzy. Since John’s been out with a knee injury, the tour has seemed like it’s missing something—and what it’s missing is John John. Space is only six minutes long. It first aired on Hurley’s Facebook channel. If you missed it, you blew it—Hurley deleted it the minute it ended. Thankfully, it’s on Vimeo now for all the world to see, because in that six minutes, all shot in Western Australia and in Hawaii, JJF shows once again that there really aren’t many surfers that can hold a candle to the way he rides a wave. And if the 2:21 mark doesn’t give you shivers, you’re dead inside.

Space from John John Florence on Vimeo.


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