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The Inertia

Remember when you were young and dumb? You actually might be young and dumb right now, but you think you’re very mature and absolutely hilarious. We’ve all been there. We’ve all done dumb things in the interests of youth and comedy. Take Kelly Slater, for example, at the beginning of his part in Taylor Steele’s Focus.

By the time Focus was unleashed on the world, the so-called “Momentum Generation” had made its mark on surfing. Not to the extent that they would later, but their mark was there, and they were in the process of ensuring it never went away.

“In what other sport would the current world champ put himself inside a trash can and allow himself to be rolled down the hill by his friends,” asks Steele. “Surfing is fun. These movies were all in the spirit of fun. Fun…and competition. Who had the best section? Who had the best maneuvers? And, yes, who had the best skit?”


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