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In early March, Mason Ho won the Air Tahiti Rangiroa Pro, a men’s Qualifying Series event. “I’m so stoked, I did not expect winning any QS events this year,” said Ho. “I mean it’s always the plan, it’s been a plan for life, but to actually do it is such a cool feeling and just to travel to a special place like Tahiti and get a result, let alone win, has always been a dream of mine.”

In the final, Mason came up against Maui’s Eli Hanneman, and the two Hawaiians put on a serious barrel-riding clinic. “Eli is such a good competitor,” Mason said after his win. “When I was his age, I wasn’t nearly that good, but I remember always learning stuff. Now that I’m not so young I don’t have to hold all my knowledge. It’s cool when you can learn it and pass it on but still do good.”

Here’s the highlight reel of Mason Ho’s road to victory in Rangiroa, French Polynesia. “This video starts off with a flash of round 1 where Mason and Sheldon grovel through heats in small surf,” reads the Youtube description. “Later they meet up for a friendly battle with better waves. Mason goes onto the quarter-finals, semis and takes the final against Eli Hanneman. We left some clips with live audio of the peanut gallery/cheer squad. Hope you all enjoy!”


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