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So far this year, we’ve seen some of the best Donkey footage yet. When a big west shows up in the forecast, a handful of surfers make the trek to what might feel like the edge of the earth, but those who score it at its finest are almost certain to make it again. Matt Bromley is one of those people.

On a recent trip to Namibia, Bromley was staying with Keahi de Aboitiz, a four-time Kitesurfing World Champion. Aboitiz had an idea that was rolling around in his brain for some time: to tow someone into a barrel at Donkey Bay using his kite. “Been wanting to do this properly for a while now,” he wrote on Instagram. “Good times whipping @bromdog7 into a nug this past trip to Namibia. Worked a treat.”

And, as you can see from the footage, “worked a treat” is an understatement.


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