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The Inertia

When organizers hit the green light for the Nazaré Challenge back in February, they knew that they’d be dealing with some hairy conditions. Winds were forcasted to pick way, way up in the afternoon, and pick up they did. Commissioner Mike Parsons decided after only two heats that things were getting a little too dangerous and called things off, but not before one of the best guys out there got worked. João De Macedo lives and breathes Nazaré. He’s there for the biggest swells and knows exactly what it’s like. In a lineup that can be almost impossible to navigate, João makes it work. But even the best hit a few speedbumps along the way… and João hit one with his face.

Afterward, though, he got a few stitches, cleaned off the blood, paddled back out, and finished his heat. Because that’s just what Nazaré surfers do.


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