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The Inertia

Who doesn’t go stir crazy when it goes flat for weeks at a time? It’s a madness that easily gets the best of us.

When you’re a friend of Jamie O’Brien’s, though, that stir crazy flat spell curse can either be very fruitful or kind of sketch. If you’re a friend of Jamie O’Brien and your name happens to be Poopies, you’re guaranteed to at least fit into the latter category at some point or another.

So here’s the situation: J.O.B.’s been enduring the boredom that can be a waveless stretch of summer on Oahu. He rallies the troops, makes a quick jump over to Maui, and everybody gets their fix. There are waves. There’s some skating. And there’s a bit of general goofing off and having a grand old time. And when Jamie decides it’s time to shop for a kayak on Craigslist, what better task to accomplish with a new toy than to tell Poopies to sit in it and send it off a cliff?


“Maui waterfalls are either a hundred feet or like three feet. There’s nothing in the middle.”

Au contraire. They do find something right in the middle. And Poops sticks it.