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Of all the places on the North Shore,
Sunset Beach is, perhaps, the most difficult to surf. When it’s big, it’s wild, wooly, and unpredictable. There’s a reason why, after all these years, Kelly Slater hasn’t been able to lay claim to a win there. Sunset Beach is in charge of who wins there, just as much the judges are.

Big things can happen there, and the last few days have been full of spectacular surfing. Maxing Sunset tests the mettle of anyone who paddles out there. A surfers’ decisions there, more than most other places, is dependent on what the wave dictates. Seabass played the game just right and found his way to a 9.77 in the third round of heat 11 at the Vans World Cup of surfing.

He backed it up with a 9.40 and a little cover up off the North Point. “It’s a lot of paddling and I love catching a lot of waves,” Zeitz said. “If you can sit under priority and get that inside bowl, it totally separates from the outside ones and you get a really good barrel. And at Sunset, they really love to score the barrel.”


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