The Inertia Juicewhale

Sharks are everywhere nowadays. You can hardly turn on the news without an aerial shot of a news chopper tracking a shark talking about how the shark is “shockingly” swimming around in the ocean. It’s an especially popular story off the coast of Los Angeles, CA, where many juvenile great whites are often spotted swimming a couple of hundred meters from shore.

This video is about an LA shark who had high hopes of making a real name for himself by running ashore and attacking a bunch of people. He wanted to be different than all the other sharks; he wanted to do something creative and shock the world with his many talents. He hoped his storming of the beach would make him the star of this summer’s upcoming Shark Week on the Discovery channel. However, when Dan Dather wrestled him into this exclusive interview for The Inertia, we found out there’s a little more motive for swimming ashore than just chasing his silver screen dreams.

Thanks to these guys for helping out:

Host: Jim Wakefield
Drone Operator: Robbie Tassaro
DP: Andrew Arthur


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