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Laying claim to something great in the surf world is always a tricky game. We know awesome when we see it, but it’s much cooler not to overplay your hand. Act like you’ve been there before, ya know?

The same can be said for claiming “the best day” when you’re referring a place that’s photographed, recorded, and shared on social media as frequently as the Wedge. By April we’re all fiending for the place to get just a taste of south swell and come May when they start to pulse through Southern California with a little more regularity, it starts to feel like the entire Wedge season is becoming a blur.

But if anybody would know what the best day of the summer looks like at the Wedge, it’s local videographer Brent Weldon, whom you’d rarely see point a camera at any other wave. According to him, the recent pulse of swell produced the Newport Beach wave’s best day of the summer (so far, we’re hoping). What’s the best day look like? Well, it’s not the biggest we’ve ever seen the place, but still plenty big and with enough open sections that we actually get to watch people make a fair amount of barrels, rather than just hucking over ledges and cringing as the doors slam shut. Yes, this looks like a great day at the Wedge.

Editor’s Note: Watch more from Brent Weldon on YouTube. 


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