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Lick the stamp and send it!! Here’s a blast from the past before I lived in Bali and started Indo Eye. I lived in Mexico and created @k38surfhouse, a super special beach home turned homestay. My good buddy @leal_bravo and I always talked about jumping off the terrace on the right high tide. But one day the crazy fucker decided today was the day. He almost wanted to do it with his shortboard but I told him to grab one of the foamies if he was actually serious. The mad man was. And the timing had to be impeccable as the backwash only left a few seconds of opportunity to make the drop without landing straight onto cobblestone rock. Needless to say, he got it done like a boss and made my video go viral with millions of views and thousands of shares. I was nervous af watching him give this drop a go. And many will assume he broke his balls or ribs pulling it off. But the truth is he bonked his chin a little and had a good laugh about it after getting a few waves. Cheers Hot Rod, the flying Mexican, for bringing chuckles to millions around the world. You’re a legend, and I miss the hell out of you. Catch you at the El Zurro burrito stand in a month hermano. The cervezas are on me 🍻 TAG your surf buds that froth as hard as our flying frijol Rodrigo! Shout out to @kookslams @theinertia @clarklittle and all the other big dogs that helped make this video a classic

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We’re not quite sure how Rodrigo Leal was able to fit those gigantic balls into that wetsuit (or managed to avoid having them painfully smashed)
. Rodrigo took the soft-top out for a rip in the K38 area south of the border (you might have seen this view before yourself). “Lick the stamp and send it,” wrote Indo.Eye on Instagram. And that’s pretty much what Rodrigo did when he stuck the 20-odd-foot drop on his stomach. It looked rather painful but according to the post, he was laughing afterward. And he got some waves.


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