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The Inertia

You might have noticed that we’re living in the future. Sure, it’s not the flying car future we were all hoping for, but it’s a future where we can surf waves created by pushing a button. Oh, there are detractors, those people who like to think of themselves as “purists”, but those are people who value the idea of being a “surfer” more than having fun, which is what surfing is all about.

Just a few years ago, wave pools didn’t even exist in any real sense. In fact, we interviewed the technical director and co-founder WaveGarden, Josema Odriozola, before Waco or the Surf Ranch or N-Land or anything even existed. It was 2011, and the idea of a wave pool that pumped out real, surfable waves was still just a seed. And now look where we are. Fingerflips and all sorts of things are happening. The progession is staggering. “I appreciate this!” says Ben Gravy in his latest vlog. “So I wanted to dive in a little bit and talk history, the potential future, and get a couple of experts to discuss what’s really going on.”


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